Ethics and AI

My latest research stream examines how managers and organizations can better leverage AI technologies in ways that improve people’s experiences of fairness at work.

My work is guided by research in behavioral ethics and social psychology. This is a useful lens for understanding the impact of automated technology on employee perceptions and behavior.

Publications, Conferences, & Working Papers



  • Morse, L., Teodorescu, M. H. M., Awwad, Y., & Kane, G. C. (In press). Do the Ends Justify the Means? Variation in the Distributive and Procedural Fairness of Machine Learning Algorithms. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Teodorescu, M. H. M.*, Morse, L*., Awwad, Y., & Kane, G. (2021). Failures of Fairness in Automation Require A Deeper Understanding of Human-ML Augmentation. MIS Quarterly, 45(3b), 1483-1499. 
    • *Co-first authorship: both authors contributed equally.
    • Special Issue on “Managing AI”


  • Morse, L., Teodorescu, M. H. M., Awwad, Y., & Kane, G. (2020). A Framework for Fairer Machine Learning in Organizations. Society of Business Ethics (SBE) Annual ConferenceLink to article
    • Finalist for ‘Best Conference Paper’
  • Tarafdar, M., Teodorescu, M., Tanriverdi, H., Robert, L. P., & Morse, L. (2020). Seeking the Ethical Use of AI Algorithms: Challenges and Mitigations. Forty-First International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). Link to conference panel



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