Artificial Intelligence

My most recent stream of research explores the impact of artificial intelligence on organizational fairness and human-machine partnerships.

Completed Working Papers

  • Morse, L., Teodorescu, M. H. M., Awwad, Y., & Kane, G. A Framework for Fairer Machine Learning in OrganizationsLink to Article
    • 2020 Best Conference Paper Finalist for Society of Business Ethics Conference.
  • Teodorescu, M. H. M.*, Morse, L*., Awwad, Y., & Kane, G. Looking Back to Move Forward: Conceptualizing Augmentation and Fairness in Machine Learning.
    • *Co-first authorship: both authors contributed equally.
  • Teodorescu, M. H. M., Morse, L., & Geiger, M. Can You Hear Me Now? Risks to Organizational Fairness in Speech Technology. 


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